Collar halter: how to use it correctly

At the time of training dogs there are many methods, some recommended by professionals, which are more recommendable, and others that advise us friends, neighbors and acquaintances because they have worked for them. Be that as it may, what is clear is that we must know any of these to obtain good results and not to damage the physical or emotional health of our dogs. One of these methods is through the halter collar.

Rhombus necklace, what is it?

If this is the first time you adopt a pet, you probably do not know what this type of necklace is. Well, let's tell you everything we know about him. You may have noticed that you have trouble controlling your dog, especially on your walks. In fact, sometimes it seems that it is he who walks you and not the other way around.

When this happens, it is essential to know how to choose a type of necklace that will help us to educate our dog. For this there is the halter collar. One of the reasons why your dog behaves in this way is because he has not understood his place in the family and, far from that, he considers himself the leader of the herd and therefore , believe that you should do what he wants and not the other way around.

 Snout collar for dogs

It is vital that you correct this attitude before it goes to more because, depending on the kind of race you have adopted, you could even become aggressive with yourself or with family members. This necklace will serve to eradicate these behaviors , but we should always use it with positive reinforcement and not with shouts or punishments.

How to use the halter collar

We said at the beginning, it is likely that many acquaintances and friends want to advise us on certain methods or ways to use this necklace, but when it comes to something so delicate, we advise you to let yourself be advised by a professional.

If the collar is misplaced or used improperly, you will achieve the opposite objective and not advance anything. So the best way to prevent this from happening is to know how place it and how to use it accurately. Although at first glance the halter collar might look like a muzzle, it is not.

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Here are some tips to use:

  • Do not put it before eight months. Although we always tell you that the best way to teach a pet is since he is a puppy, you can not use the collar ronzal before eight months of life, regardless of the breed of dog that is. Think that the animal's bones and muscles need a developmental time and that putting extra pressure on it could hinder its development.
  • They can not wear it all day. Although maybe if you see good results you would like to take it also at home to be able to follow the teaching, it is not recommended that a dog wear the halter collar more than 18 hours a day. If you want to teach at home, alternate the hours of putting between the street and the house. Needless to say, the maximum 18 hours is for dogs and adults; if you have just put it on, you will have to gradually increase the hours.
  • Do not pull it off. The halter collar is for educating the dog with small gestures that tell him where he should go walk or when you should stop.Think that this necklace, as we told you before, is not a muzzle. Therefore, you must affirm it strongly, but without it preventing the animal from panting and opening its mouth normally.

Have you already taken good note on how to use the halter collar? It is a very useful method when teaching your pet certain rules of behavior. But remember: all teaching must be based on love and respect. Always!